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Competitions Running




You win and your audience wins.

It’s win-win-win-

  1. All you really want from social media is the world, right?
  2. Right! You want a crazy amount of exposure for your brand, a huge amount of reach on posts about your products and services and engagement, engagement, engagement.
  3. However, the reality is, that getting noticed in the ever expanding flood of social media hysteria is becoming more and more of a challenge for brands. As the demand for engaging content increases and the attention span of the audience decreases, brands are looking at innovative and captivating ways to not only reach their existing followers, not also engage outside of that sphere.
  4. And this is why running competitions with our team of 5D Ninjas is the best way to really sharpen your social media blade and cut through the online static.
  5. Anyone can get a message out on social media, but our team of Ninjas know how to get that message heard.
  6. The most economical, effective way of achieving this is through incentives, incentives, incentives. Give a little and get a whole lot in return from your audience.
  7. The 5D Competitions mechanism uses a points system to reward visitors for their efforts. The entry processes are scored based on the clients marketing objectives. At the end of the campaign, a winner randomly chosen by the system, from the top ten points scorers and in so doing, transforms competition enthusiast into Brand Ambassadors.

What can be achieved
with 5DCompetitions?

  1. Promote your product or service
  2. Increase and secure your social following online and offline
  3. Maximize your exposure and get your brand trending in social newsfeeds
  4. Generate feet through the door during custom campaigns
  5. Get people talking about and interacting with your brand on social media
  6. Increase your email database
  1. At 5D Competitions we offer a wide variety of competition advertising services ranging from specifically targeted to fully customised ensuring that your competition gets maximum exposure while providing you with tangible, campaign objective driven results.
  2. 5D Competitions elite team of social Ninjas can help you achieve the following:
  1. Competition set-up and management.
  2. Promote your competition via our social platforms, incl Facebook an Twitter pages.
  3. Feature your brand and competition in our newsletter.
  4. Advertising your brand and product on our awesome website.
  5. Provide you with comprehensive statistics during and after the campaign.

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